LED Plants Growth Lighting
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LED  Plant Growth Lighting

color temperature and lumen plant lamp plant light color temperature and lumen from the human eye can see, and plant photosynthesis to light is not to look at the color temperature and lumen.

the spectral range of Plant Physiology
280 ~ 315nm -> minimal impact on the morphological and physiological processes
315 ~ 400nm -> less chlorophyll absorption, affect the photoperiodic effect, prevent stem elongation
400 ~ 520nm (blue) -> chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption ratio of the largest impact on photosynthesis
520 to 610 nm (green), -> pigment absorption rate is not high.
610 to 720nm (red) -> chlorophyll absorption rate is low, have a significant effect on photosynthesis and light cycle

720 ~ 1000nm -> absorption rate is low, stimulation of cell extension affect flowering and seed germination
> 1000nm -> converted into heat
View from above, the different wavelengths of light for plant photosynthesis, plant photosynthesis needs light, wavelength 400 ~ 720nm. 400 to 520 nm light (blue) and 610 ~ 720nm (red) for photosynthesis greatest contribution. 520 ~ 610nm (green) light is absorbed by the plant pigment ratio is very low.

in accordance with the above principle, the plant lights are made of red and blue combination, all blue, three forms of the full red, to provide the red and blue wavelengths of light, wavelength range coverage photosynthesis. The red and blue combination of plant light pink color on the visual effects.
White LED lights, the most common is to use the blue core to stimulate the yellow phosphors, which produce white light on the visual effect composite. Energy distribution, there are two peaks in the blue zone of 445nm and 550nm yellow-green area. The plant required 610 ~ 720nm red, very lacking. This explains why the white LED irradiation plant growth adversely.

The plant lights red and blue lights chromatography proportion preferably between 5:1 to 10:1, usually optional 7 to 9:1 ratio.

plants fill light plant lights, usually from the blade height of 0.5 meters
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